Homer Gibbins ''The Nature Boy''

Who's ever heard of a boxer that is a poet and an artist in and outside the ring. Actor , Artist , Boxer , Comedian , Drama Director , Poet , 2015-2016 Hall of Famer, most importantly I'm Dad

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About Career!


Fights: 60 , Wins: 44 , Losses: 16 , Knockouts: 31 , 1st Round Knockouts: 12 , Draws: 0


Years Pro: 17, 1st Pro Fight: August 11, 1990, Height: 5' 7" , Boxing Style: Boxer/Puncher , Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia, USA , Residence: Griffin, Georgia, USA , Date Of Birth: April 19,1970 , Last 10 Fights: 2-8 1 Ko's


2 Times World Boxing Champion


The Nature Boy

Who I am

Well not as an artist, actor, boxer, comedian, carpenter, painter, or poet. I hope that people remember me as Homer, the Homer that you know in what ever area of life that is. I guess in the end I just want to be remembered. If I have worked for you I want you to always think of me before you do any thing else. If I boxed you, I hope you remember me as a fighter that humbly kicked your butt. If you saw me do stand-up or we met, I hope you think of me as someone that tried desperately to make you laugh, even if it meant making a fool of myself. If I was a lover, then I hope that my memory has been forever pressed on the pages of your mind and that I am the reason you are able to love greater today.

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